A week today and a consultation by Transport for London (TfL) will close on proposals to increase the TfL Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) from £65 to £80 if paid within 14 days (fleets usually pay within the 14 days) with fees outside this period rising from £130 to £160.

National press articles put an estimate on the increased revenue that this will generate at between £22.5m and £45m. We estimate that for the FN50 and their customers it could mean an additional cost of £1.5 per annum. Is this just a revenue earning exercise? TFL would argue not, pointing out the fact that fees at their current levels are not working. To support this notion they point to the fact that in the past 5 years there has been a 12% increase in the number of PCNs they issue and that the percentage of fines issued to repeat offenders has climbed from just under 60% to just below 65% over the same period (their definition of a repeat offender being anybody incurring a fine who has already incurred one in the last 12 months).

TfL also point to their responsibility to keep traffic moving and the fact that any revenues get reinvested in London’s transport network. The background to the consultation and the survey can be found here

The consultation itself is very free format and concise, seeking views on alternative options to the proposals the extent of any financial hardship and “other” comments, there are then a number of questions so that they can determine the make up of the people responding.

Dan Mallier, Director of Online Services for All Fleet Online, said: “We’ve had our say on the proposed changes to increase TfL penalty charge and we’d like others to do the same. This increase is set to cost the top 50 fleet companies an additional £1.5m per annum if paid within the 14 days reduced period. This figure is even larger for the wider BVRLA membership”.