Smart motorway, smart motorways, what to do in the event of a breakdown

Back in October we highlighted the fact that Highways England was set to clamp down on drivers misusing so-called “smart motorways” at some point in 2018. It has now been revealed that the new £100 fines and three penalty points for drivers ignoring smart motorway lane closures will be introduced in March 2018.

The announcement comes off the back of about 80,000 warning letters having been issued over the last 12 months, around a third of which related to driving in closed lanes. Road-side cameras which automatically detect lane violations are currently being tested.

The move has been welcomed by motoring organisations such as the RAC.

Darren Stevens, Marketing Director for All Fleet Online commented. “It is essential that motorists understand how to drive on a smart motorways; where there isn’t a permanent hard shoulder and overhead gantries with variable mandatory speed limits or red ‘X’ closed lanes. The introduction of this fine is likely to focus drivers minds on understanding how smart motorways work and obeying instructions. This new fine is the latest in a line of new fines where they are being used to influence driver behaviour and where the introduction has been supported by statistical evidence. With our Fleet Fine Online product we are helping fleet companies reduce the burden and cost of administering increased fine volumes. We also provide trend analysis to fleets so that they are better placed to educate their drivers”.

Earlier this year, All Fleet Online released a video that explains to drivers how to stay safe on Smart Motorways. You can view the video by clicking on the image below.