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Bus lane fines, penalty charge notices

Scale and increase in bus lane fines revealed

News broke this week that revealed the sheer number and rate of increase in motorist fines for misuse of bus lanes. We have looked at our own information to see if a similar trend is emerging when it comes to […]

Research from shows that the extent of tailgating and middle lane hogging is not reflected in fines

Full extent of Motorway offences not reflected in fines

Research out this week from showed that 82% of drivers say they have been tailgated and 24% admit to hogging the middle lane. The same survey found that 19% of drivers have had an accident or near miss as […]

Smart motorway, smart motorways, what to do in the event of a breakdown

Smart Motorway fines set to be introduced in March

Back in October we highlighted the fact that Highways England was set to clamp down on drivers misusing so-called “smart motorways” at some point in 2018. It has now been revealed that the new £100 fines and three penalty points […]

Christmas congestion expected to peak on Friday

Dubbed ‘Frantic Friday’ by the RAC and others, this Friday is expected to see the worst of the pre-Christmas congestion. Whilst Christmas Eve is expected to see the most “getaway” trips at 1.87 million, Friday will see 1.25 million – […]

London Congestion Charge Penalty Notices set to increase

Congestion Charge Fine Set to Increase from January

Following the recent consultation by Transport for London (TfL), the cost of a PCN for failing to pay the Congestion Charge will rise from £130 to £160 from 2 January 2018 (or £80 if paid within 14 days). TfL reports […]