GDPR - is your business ready

Considering the recent reports in the fleet trade press that many businesses within the industry are under-prepared for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) rules on May 25 this year, it is positive to note that the impending deadline is increasing the communication between companies, clients and suppliers. Whilst the new Regulations have some similarities to the existing Data Protection Act, there are also significant differences that organisations need to be aware of.

Here at All Fleet Services the impending change has galvanised communications across all areas of the business – we have a dedicated project team comprised of highly motivated individuals, who have been working together to review and develop data flow maps, staff and departmental processes, contracts, staff training, data storage and data security to name but a few of the areas being worked on.

“Our advice is not to underestimate the level of change required – regardless of how small your company is if you process personal data you will be at risk if you are not compliant.  Data sent via email is a common risk – a simple matter of an email containing personal information sent to or viewed by the wrong person could be a significant breach. Therefore, ensure everyone in your organisation is aware of the changes in the legislation and how this relates to their role. Getting your employees engaged is an important step and one that isn’t to be taken lightly or dismissed” says Michelle Horrobin, Data Protection Officer.

If you haven’t yet started down the path to compliance – or are still unsure then the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who will be responsible for policing and enforcing the new regulations have created a number of useful tools including a checklist that will help.