What is Fleet Fine Online?

Fleet Fine Online is a unique web-based platform, extremely easy to use and results in significant cost and time savings for all parties, whilst making the fines administration process much more environmentally friendly.

Traditionally all vehicle fines have been processed manually on paper. This archaic system is out of date, open to human error and is often a long and arduous process with data often re-inputted by each stakeholder numerous times, wasting valuable time and money. A huge amount is also spent each year by both fine issuers and fleet companies on the postage, paper and ink that is required to maintain this lengthy paper trail.

By switching to an online system, fines can be sent digitally via a secure platform and received by fleet administrators immediately; significantly improving process times and reducing administration burdens.

By eliminating printing and mailing many more fines can be processed per day and faster payment can be achieved reducing the chance of escalating fine costs.

Fleet Fine Online is an innovative tool that will move the industry into the future, allowing both issuing authorities and fleet companies to work smarter and faster.

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Why use Fleet Fine Online?

Speed Up Fines

Fines can now be paid more quickly and efficiently, thanks to the online portal, reducing the lifecycle of a fine to days rather than weeks.

By moving the fines management onto a digital platform, the lifecycle of a fine can now be reduced to a matter of days instead of weeks.

Issuing authorities will input the fine into the online system and receive an instant message if the fine’s liability should be transferred to the driver. The drivers’ liability can then be requested digitally and sent immediately to the issuing authority.

The whole process is simplified and payment should be received within three days after the fine has been inputted onto Fleet Fine Online.

The faster turnaround time of fines results in less manual labour required for processing, a minimised risk of the escalation of fines as they can now easily be paid on time, a reduction in double paid fines and streamlined communication between all parties.

Reduce Costs

Moving your fines administration online delivers the huge benefit of significant cost savings. Say goodbye to postage and paper as well as man-hours spent on administration processes; what’s more there’s no risk of escalated fine charges.

There is a substantial cost involved to manually process hundreds or thousands of fines per year. By simply removing the paper and postage required per fine, throughout the fine’s lifecycle (as each fine is currently posted a minimum of twice), there is an immediate cost saving to be made.

Added to that the amount of money companies currently spend on the man-hours required to input the data and process the fines, as well as the added work in posting all of the fines, it is an expensive paper trail to maintain.

By moving your fines administration into an online system, these costs are saved as well as the risk of human error being removed. The lifecycle of a fine is cut right down to days rather than weeks and so the risk of escalated fine charges is drastically reduced.

Go Green

By switching your fines administration system to a digital solution, you can now have one more process that is paperless; significantly reducing your carbon footprint and dramatically cutting postage and material costs.

It makes sense that fines management should be an online process where all parties, such as the issuing authorities and fleet companies, can communicate with each other in a transparent way.

It seems archaic to rely on paper and post with all the pitfalls that it brings including fines being lost in transit, printing of numerous pieces of paper per fine and all costs associated with running the paper trail – as well as the large carbon footprint associated with it.

Fleet Fine Online provides a secure, web-based platform, that allows issuing authorities to easily contact fleet companies for the transfer of drivers’ liability (rather than waiting seven days via post) and then to upload the fine accordingly. Fines can then be paid quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the potential for human error and saving both parties time and money.

What type of organisation are you?

Issuing Authority

Fleet Fine Online connects you directly with fleet administrators providing instant access to driver information, reducing the processing time of a fine into days rather than weeks. By going digital you will receive faster payments, cut admin costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Fleet Fine Online connects issuing authorities directly with fleet administrators through a secure and easy to use digital, online platform. This revolutionary system allows authorities to instantly access the relevant driver’s details, streamlining the fines process and totally avoiding the current seven-day turnaround of transferring the driver’s liabilities via post.

The manual process of posting fines and driver information is also completely removed, saving authorities a huge amount of money in administration cost; as well as removing the inevitable risk of human error. There is no longer a possibility of fines being lost in transit and there is an obvious environmental benefit to removing the paper trail too.

Issuing authorities will also massively benefit from the amount of time saved when processing each fine and the online system means that fines are received quicker and paid faster than ever before. Typically, authorities can expect to receive payments within three days after inputting the fine on Fleet Fine Online, generating a better cashflow.

What’s more, after the initial implementation cost, Fleet Fine Online is free of charge for all issuing authorities to use. Call us on 0800 122 3008 to find out how you can benefit from faster, easier fine payments.

Up to 1000 Vehicles

Fleet companies are experiencing immediate cost savings when switching to Fleet Fine Online. There’s no more labour-intensive admin processes for fines and material costs including postage is eradicated. You can have peace of mind that all fines are being handled efficiently and promptly, avoiding unnecessary escalated charges associated with late payments.

Fleet Fine Online has been developed with fleet companies in mind and is revolutionising the way fines are processed. By using the most advanced technology, Fleet Fine Online can manage fines from start to finish, reducing the lifecycle of a fine to 72 hours maximum.

By using a secure digital platform, issuing authorities will input the fine into the online portal, fleet companies will immediately be notified and payment can then be organised quickly, minimising the risk of escalated fines and simplifying the whole process.

This new online system will not only save your staff a huge amount of time as they no longer have to input and follow the lifecycle of fines, but fleet companies will benefit from a significant cost saving in postage and materials too.

Fleet Fine Online provides a streamlined and transparent channel of communication between issuing authorities and fleet companies, leading to a much more efficient fines handling system and a significant reduction in double paid fines.

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Over 1000 Vehicles

No matter how big your fleet is the Fleet Fine Online service is flexible and scalable. The online portal provides streamlined communication between all parties ensuring that fines are processed quickly, significantly reducing your administration costs and carbon footprint.

The Fleet Fine Online web-based platform has been designed with fleet companies in mind and so no matter how big your fleet is, Fleet Fine Online can guarantee their service which is flexible and scalable.

By going digital, not only is the burden removed from staff on the inputting and chasing up of fines, there is a massive saving to be made on the cost of materials including postage, paper, envelopes etc. and by switching to the online system fleet companies can significantly improve their carbon footprint.

When a driver incurs a fine, the issuing authority will transmit the relevant details onto the online portal and fleet companies will get a notification. Whether you wish to pay or transfer the fine to the driver, the communication with the issuing authority is all handled digitally, ensuring the fine is resolved in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Typically, the lifecycle of a fine is reduced to only three days from when it is transmitted. Fleet Fine Online eliminates the need for human interaction and minimises the risk of escalated fines.

A further benefit provided by Fleet Fine Online is that fleet companies are now able to manage their drivers’ behaviour through an informative risk profile reporting, giving a better insight into customer profiles.

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