What is Connected Car Online?

Connected Car Online is about prognostics, managing vehicle downtime before it happens and (where you cannot predict it) ensuring the vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible and with the minimum amount of disruption to the driver. All parties will be able to see real-time updates, get appropriate levels of alerts and notifications, and benefit from automatically triggered escalations to ensure efficiency and compliance at every vital step.

Connected Car Online enables a fully digital and intelligent Service Maintenance or Repair (SMR) booking journey, with processes designed to minimise vehicle downtime and will continually drive improvement across the service network.

Why use Connected Car Online?

A portal for every user

The Vehicle Lease Company, the Lessee Fleet Manager and the Driver

  • Drivers can self-serve, updating their own details and booking convenient appointments at approved and relevant service centres. They can track their pending and past bookings, view relevant vehicle data and react to alerts and messages if needed
  • Lessee Fleet Managers can see the details available to drivers across their estate, carry out updates and administration where required, in addition to keeping ahead of alerts and escalations
  • Vehicle Lease Company can see the performance of their fleet, their Service Centres/Providers, how the technology is being positively harnessed and utilised, and performance of their networks against Service Level Agreements.

All this information is securely available through purpose-targeted facilities that seamlessly share the data views within appropriate legislative constraints – so ensuring many scattered and disparate data sources can be abolished and you can access the data you need, in one place, at your fingers tips.

Connected Car Online will minimise vehicle downtime

Combining Connected and Extended Car data and Telematics data, the systems deliver prognostic maintenance and meaningful information about the vehicle.

All Fleet Online are working with experts in the field of telematics, vehicle manufacture and vehicle maintenance to deliver prioritised data feeds for intelligent work identification that does not simply react to a single trigger out of context.

The data provided enables a set of actions to be triggered (according to the priority) and a booking process commences to avert unmanaged disruption ahead of potential failures – all without the need for driver interaction or foresight.

By identifying and grading the priority of health-check data and then using that health-check data alongside manufacturer data and data from DVLA, when a booking is triggered (by whichever means) all upcoming and potential work is analysed. The system works to minimise the number of bookings needed by using a set of rules and parameters considered acceptable lead-times for work and that work combination rules are obeyed – all to ensure that work that is acceptable and cost-efficient to be combined will be aggregated. Fewer bookings leads to less disruption and vehicle uptime – which is good news for everyone.

It reduces the penalties for non-compliance

The penalties for non-compliance can be significant. Missing vehicle servicing deadlines can be costly and invalidate warranties, potentially impacting vehicle resale values. Exceeding MOT periods can have legal implications and invalidate insurance, which can have significant cost and legal implications.

Based on known calendar and mileage reporting from compatible vehicles, and manufacturer driven alerts, Connected Car Online will notify the driver to arrange for essential service bookings, statutory vehicle inspections or recall visits. Where no action is identified as having been taken, escalations will automatically trigger. The escalations continue until the appropriate action is taken.

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