Dubbed ‘Frantic Friday’ by the RAC and others, this Friday is expected to see the worst of the pre-Christmas congestion. Whilst Christmas Eve is expected to see the most “getaway” trips at 1.87 million, Friday will see 1.25 million – combine this with those who commute and you have the potential to have the most vehicles on the road and the worst congestion.

More traffic means more potential for fines and this is borne out by All Fleet’s experience of Frantic Friday last year.¬†On Frantic Friday 2016 All Fleet Services saw a 13.48% increase in motoring offences committed against the average Friday for 2016, the main offences being:

Private Parking Charge
Bus lane
Dartford Tunnel

Darren Stevens, Marketing Director for All Fleet Services commented – “It remains to be seen whether the predicted volumes of traffic are as high as predicted. Fleet and other drivers would be wise though to learn from the experience from last year, where we saw a spike in fines on Frantic Friday. Thinking in advance, travelling at a quieter time if possible and being alert to the potential for fines could all help this time round. Whilst it is entirely understandable that our minds are on other things at this time of year, a bit more thought may lessen the chance of you incurring a fine”.